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LeBron James is Headed Back to Cleveland

LeBron James

The people of Cleveland were angry (to put it nicely) when LeBron James made the decision to leave the city after seven seasons in the NBA to play for the Miami Heat alongside some of the other biggest names in the NVA four years ago. Now they’re rejoicing; LeBron is back. The superstar NBA player was drafted by the Cavaliers right out of high school and spent 7 years playing for the Cavs before deciding to take his talents to Miami. While in Miami, he played in four championship games, winning half. Now he’s decided not to renew his contract with the Heat.

After announcing his decision not to return to Miami, speculation that he would return to Cleveland grew. On Friday, the basketball superstar made the announcement that he’d be returning to Cleveland. “My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now,” he told Sports Illustrated.

James’ decision to return home was met with a number of opinions. While the general consensus is happiness from a city full of fans who haven’t won a title – in any sport – since the 1960s. James took the Cavs to the championships twice and failed to deliver a win (though there are four other people on the court, if people would like to remember that little fact as well) and the fans are looking forward to his return in hopes of finally obtaining a championship in basketball.

It was a big move for James after the fallout that happened four years ago. Fans were so angry over James’ decision to head to Miami that they made threats, called names and basically denounced the basketball player as nothing in their eyes. Their opinions changed greatly, for the most part, with James’ announcement that he’s headed home.

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