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LeBron James Starring in ‘Space Jam 2’ Speculation

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Last week, Deadline.com reported that Warner Bros. has green lit a sequel to Space Jam. A 1996 film starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters that was a wild success. The report indicated that Space Jam 2 was being developed by sports broadcasting staple Dick Ebersol’s sons. The rumor also indicated that the script was being built specifically for LeBron James.

This report lead to a frenzy of media attention and the excitement around the prospects of James starring in the sequel. Well, according to The Huffington Post it’s all wrong. The entire rumor was shot down within 48-hours of the initial report. First, LeBron James’ camp denied his involvement, which was backed by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

Well it was fun while it lasted. LeBron sources refute Deadline report, there’s no Space Jam 2 or Warner Bros. project in works

It seems as if just about everyone who knows anything about either the sequel or LeBron James denied the rumor. LeBron is YET and I repeat YET to have any discussions about the Space Jam sequel.

Here’s the irony about all of these reports: They’re going to make a sequel. We don’t know when, but they are going to make a sequel. The original movie grossed over $200 million. People want to make money and a sequel would easily generate millions. It is our belief that this rumor was intentional to see what kind of buzz the movie generated and look we’re reporting it. It’s only a matter of time.

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