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Legendary Actress Shirley Temple Dies at 85

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Well, it is with heavy hearts that we deliver this news today. Seems legendary actress Shirley Temple has died at age 85. You may need to talk to your parents, or at least be from an older generation to truly appreciate what this woman did as a young girl. Shirley Temple basically made it so that everyone forgot how depressed they were during The Great Depression. She did this by making very cute and adorable films that were whimsical and sweet in a time when very little was. Today, there is a shadow over Hollywood, and a heaviness in its heart.

So maybe you have never seen any of her movies, or maybe you just don’t think you have, but Shirley Temple had dozens to choose from. The Little Princess and Animal Crackers are just two of the dozens upon dozens of movies she made in her lifetime. What made Shirley Temple so likable was not just how adorable she was as a kid, but also, just how much talent she had. In a time when actors would often sing and dance their way through a film, Shirley Temple could hang with the best of them. Considering she was just a kid then, that stuck with a lot of people.

So Shirley Temple dies at 85, leaving behind a film legacy and a gaggle of fans that will live on forever and ever. Our condolences to anyone who knew the actress. At least take comfort in knowing she leaves behind a glorious body of work that will live on forever in Hollywood and in our hearts.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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