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Legendary Hall of Fame Baseball Player Tony Gwynn Dies at 54

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You do not have to be young, you do not have to be old. It matters little what color you are, what gender you are, or what you do for a living. When death thinks the time is right, it steps up to the plate and swings. Seems legendary Hall of Fame baseball player Tony Gwynn passed away at 54 years old this weekend. Sadly, Cancer is to blame.

We can only assume that the San Diego Padre’s locker room must be a heavy place today. An absolute commodity for the team, Tony Gwynn was a great player with an undeniable passion for the game. 3,141 career hits is not something to just shrug off. He brought a special kind of magic to the team, and it was easy to see just how beloved he was by the team. Heck, even players from other teams found Tony Gwynn a very hard guy not to like, even when he was beating them.

We are just really glad that he got to experience being inducted into Hall of Fame before he passed on. While 54 is too young for anyone to pass on, at least he left this Earth knowing in his soul he was appreciated for what he brought to the game. In many cases, players get inducted posthumously. But not in this case, and that makes it less painful.

Survived by his wife, daughter, and son, (as well as millions of baseball fans) the loss of Tony Gwynn will resonate hard for years, but will not be forgotten.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

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