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Legendary Singer Peter Seeger Dies at 94

2009 Dorothy And Lillian Gish Prize Special Outdoor Tribute

It makes me sad to think some of the younger generation may not be familiar with Peter Seeger’s work. He was on the forefront of the American folk revival. He was also a mentor to many singers of folk who wold go on to be much more well known than he was. I mean guys like Bob Dylan. Guys who we all associate folk with. Well, we would not have associated folk with him had he not crossed paths with Peter Seeger some years earlier. It makes us sad to inform you all the legendary singer Peter Seeger just passed away at age 94.

What I want you to do today is, every time you hear a song with an acoustic guitar in it, I want you to make note of it. Any time you hear a song today that has a positive message about change, I want you to stop and realize, that music might not have the voice to dies today had Peter Seeger not let the way and sang about it all first. A pioneer and true American music legend, passed away in a New York hospital on Monday. NY Times has a rather extensive and impressive piece about the singer’s amazing career and unstoppable voice.

Our condolences to Peter Seeger’s family and friends in this time, and a huge thank you for all he did for folk music and music in general.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

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