Leighton Meester Will Make Broadway Debut in Of Mice and Men

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Acting takes talent, without a doubt. But acting on Broadway is pretty much the ultimate testimony to raw talent. Anyone can memorize a script, but can you recite it, perfectly, in front of a live audience, sometimes, multiple times a day? Broadway tends to separate the talented from the lucky. If you can pull Broadway off, you tend to get noticed and get accolades. Especially for young stars. Seems former Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester will be doing just that, with a role in the Broadway version of the Steinbeck classic, Of Mice and Men.

USA TODAY has the details. But anyone who knows Of Mice and Men and knows how pretty Leighton Meester is, has to know who she is playing. Meester will be playing Curley’s wife. You remember her scene, right? She she got a little overly flirty with Lenny and Lenny, who doesn’t know how to handle his emotions, mistakenly breaks her neck? We would say Spoiler Alert, but the book is a classic, and if you don’t know the story now, let’s not pretend you will tomorrow.

The Play starts up in March of 2014, and Leighton Meester will be acting along side James Franco and Chris O’ Dowd as the leads.

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

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