Len Wiseman: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Len Wiseman

Few topics can capture the attention of the public like Hollywood romances. Often, these relationships are not restricted to actors; directors and producers are commonly found in intimate relationships with the stars of their films. For these individuals, being in a relationship with an actor or actress can bring them even greater fame than their work. As well, celebrity divorces can be highly publicized, bringing about even greater recognition.

This is arguably the case for Len Wiseman, whose relationship with Kate Beckinsale was widely covered by the media. The two met on the set of Underworld, the popular film of which Beckinsale was the star and Wiseman was the director. Although they enjoyed 11 years of marriage, they separated in 2015 and divorced in 2016. They collaborated for the next chapter of the Underworld series, Underworld: Blood Wars, which is set for its US release in 2017.

While many people likely know Wiseman as Beckinsale’s ex-husband and the director of the Underworld series, his career and life are far more interesting than this superficial understanding. He is a highly talented and motivated individual who has seen a meteoric rise in the entertainment industry. Here are ten of the most interesting facts about Len Wiseman.

10. He has made the most of the single life

While going through a divorce can be an extremely painful experience, Wiseman moved on fairly quickly. He did not waste any time finding companionship. Shortly after separating from Beckinsale, he was spotted having a night on the town with model CJ Franco. Some have noted the similarities between Franco and Beckinsale in terms of appearance, although the model is considerably younger than both Beckinsale and Wiseman. Clearly, he is not allowing any heartache he feels to slow him down.

9. He is on good terms with his ex-wife

While divorces are often nasty, drawn-out ordeals that leave both parties resentful, Wiseman and Beckinsale appear to be amicable. The two have agreed not to pay each other spousal support, and sources have stated that they remain friendly. Given their continued cooperation in the Underworld film series, it is encouraging to know that the two get along in their private lives as well.

8. He has formal training

Although films depend on the lead performances to properly deliver the story, directors and producers provide invaluable service in these productions. Individuals like Wiseman, whose work is done behind the scenes, are often not given the credit they deserve for their highly specialized craft.

Wiseman clearly has natural talent, but he has also devoted a great deal of time and effort into becoming an effective director and producer. He studied film in Cupertino, California, at De Anza College.

7. His career in film began with props

Although he now helms a massively successful film franchise, Wiseman’s first taste of the film industry was far less glamorous. Rather than directing or producing, his first work with professional films was as a props assistant. He worked in this capacity for films like Independence Day and Men in Black. While working with props was certainly not what Wiseman dreamed to do, this early work gave him insight into how large productions operate.

6. Len Wiseman Net Worth

With a highly successful career in which he has directed and produced major films like the Underworld series and Live Free or Die Hard, Wiseman has predictably amassed a significant personal fortune. It is estimated that his net worth is approximately $15 million. Naturally, his wealth has mainly come from the blockbuster films on his resume. With another addition to the Underworld franchise approaching, it is safe to assume that Wiseman can look forward to increasing this already impressive net worth.

5. He helped raised a child with Beckinsale

Although he has no children of his own, Wiseman had a step-daughter with Beckinsale during their marriage. Lily Sheen, daughter of Beckinsale and then husband Michael Sheen, was born in 1999. When Wiseman and Beckinsale ended their relationships with their spouses to marry each other after falling in love on the set of Underworld, Wiseman became a step-father.

4. He has participated in charitable events

Despite his busy schedule, Wiseman has found the time to participate in events put on to help people in need. Perhaps most notably, he attended the Eva Longoria Foundation’s annual dinner. This star-studded affair raises funds to assist the foundation in providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged Latinas.

3. He has directed music videos

Naturally, Wiseman is best known for his high profile feature films. However, he has also been celebrated as a successful director of music videos. Wiseman has crafted videos for bands such as Megadeath, and En Vogue. Further, he won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction for his collaboration with Quarashi on their single “Stick ‘Em Up.”

2. He has had a successful career in television

In addition to his work in film and music videos, Wiseman has shown great promise in television as well. Impressively, all three of his pilot television shows were given the funding and support for full production. He directed the pilot episodes for the popular series Hawaii Five-O, Sleepy Hollow, and Lucifer. While he did not continue working with these productions, their success can be partly attributed to the strong showing that Wiseman ensured they each had in their pilot episodes.

1. Underworld was his first feature film

For most people, finding success in any venture requires a period of trial-and-error. For a lucky few, however, success is immediate. Wiseman is one of these individuals, as his debut feature film was both a commercial success and garnered a cult following. In 2003, he co-created and directed Underworld, which launched a franchise that has since seen the addition of five films. Directing or producing films in such a popular franchise would be impressive enough, but it is remarkable that Wiseman was able to craft an entertaining film with such great potential in his debut.

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