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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Set to Star in a New Movie

Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio is getting a bit fed up with Hollywood? The man is an absolute powerhouse who chooses only great movies and rarely puts himself in something that is not pretty much perfect. Yet he wins no Oscars, year after year, for some inexplicable reason. As DiCaprio gets set to star in a new movie right now, we cannot help but think that must be part of his thinking. Thing is, this  movie sounds unreal and amazing.

So what is this new move Leonardo DCaprio is getting ready to star in. It is called The Revenant (based on a stellar novel, btw) about a fur trapper who gets mauled by a bear, and let robbed and abandoned for death by his group, who also rob him of all his earthly belongings in the process. Wait, it gets better. DiCaprio is not actually dead, and rather, comes to deciding he will take revenge on all the people who robbed and abandoned him after the mauling. It was said Sean Penn was attached to the role for quite some time.  So it is a revenge movie with a bear mauling.

If they do not give Leo the Oscar for this film, then we need a real bear unleashed on the Academy.  I mean, come on. Movies just don’t end up sounding as good as this movie sounds, so give the guy some credit will you?

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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