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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Going to Play Steve Jobs?

Hey, remember when someone decided to recently make a Steve Jobs biopic and they cast the lead as Ashton Kutcher? Remember how that film had very little impact? Well, what if I told you that brilliant director Danny Boyle intended to relaunch that movie and make a new one with a far superior actor? Is Leonardo DiCaprio going to play Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle movie about his life? Well, looks that way right now.

According to the Telegraph, this looks like something that has a good chance of happening. While I am not going to insult the last Steve Jobs film, it did feel a little flat and dull at times. Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionare) just has an amazing eye for film, and with Leonardo DiCaprio on board, it seems like we may finally get the Steve Jobs biopic we all feel we truly deserve. The man was a world changing icon, and hopefully Danny and Leo can give us some better insight into that life.

Though we do find it a bit strange another Steve Jobs movie might be made so quickly.  However, the last one was a little forgettable and pulled in such low numbers that we bet half the world didn’t remember it even existed. Well, here is the chance for the story to be told again and told right this time. More on this story as it develops.

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