Leonardo DiCaprio Unsure if He’ll Win an Oscar

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Listen, we hate to say it, and we aren’t proud of it. But the undeniable fact there is that Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t win Oscars. Don’t get us wrong, he deserves to. How he lost for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape we will never know, but ever since then, it seems the academy just has some problem handing that man an award. This means, even with all the buzz surrounding The Wolf of Wall Street, this still leaves Leonardo DiCaprio unsure if he’ll win an Oscar.

Entertainment Wise has more on the story, but there isn’t much more. The reality is, Leonardo Dicaprio has every right to be unsure. For some odd reason, he has never won, even though he has delivered many amazing roles that were worthy of Oscars. Atleast DiCaprio is at a point in his career where he knows he puts in the best work he can, and little else matter to him. Leonardo DiCaprio unsure if he’ll win an Oscar. But the rest of us are fully aware he deserves one.

Maybe this will be the year the academy finally figures out what a great asset he has been to film, and will recognize him as so. Or maybe Leonardo Dicaprio just understands, if it happens, great. If not, no biggie. Pretty sure he has gotten used to the fine print of Hollywood by now.

Either way, we are still rooting him on.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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