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Lil’ Flip Pleads Not Guilty After Assault Rifle Arrest

Lil’ Flip is continuing his fight against allegations he illegally drove with an assault rifle in his car, and marijuana too,pleading not guilty yesterday to both possession charges. TMZ broke the story. Flip was pulled over for speeding on Xmas in Louisiana and was placed under arrest when police claim they found weed in his car along with an AR-15 rifle.

Following his arrest, Flip was charged with possession of a firearm, possession of a schedule 1 narcotic, and speeding. He pled not guilty yesterday to all three counts.  Flip contests that he had a license for the firearm and he also claims that he had a cigar that was not filled with marijuana but rather tobacco.

Do you guys believe Mr. Flip? I guess a judge and jury will be the makers of his fate now.

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