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Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Fundraiser

"Just Sing It" Launch Event

What is it with Lindsay Lohan? She doesn’t appear to be unintelligent, but she certainly acts that way. The actress whose lack of professionalism has been called into question numerous times by fellow actors, filmmakers and pretty much everyone else in the industry once again messed up. This time it was at the expense of a charity.

According to reports, the unreliable Lohan apparently blew off the Life Ball, a charity event in Austria dedicated to to fighting AIDS. Organizers of the event shelled out money to bring Lohan to the event and set her up with accommodations, but that didn’t stop Lindsay from no-showing. According to an insider,

“At the beginning of the day, they handed out a list of the dressing rooms, Lohan had the biggest one blocked off for her. But by the end of the day, when they handed out updates, she was off the list.”

The event, however, was not without some star power. Among those in attendance – Bill Clinton, Kesha, Courtney Love and more. There has been no reason or explanation as to why Lilo didn’t show up, but you can be sure some flimsy excuse is going to surface in the upcoming days. Lohan just can’t seem to get it together.

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