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Lindsay Lohan Blows Right into Fashion Week

Lindsay Lohan tried to class it up last night in New York. Emphasis on tried. As Toofab says, “Look, we’re all rooting for Lindsay and long for her to return to her “Mean Girls” glory days … but looking like this out in public is not the way to do it. I mean, those lips!”

The 26-year-old (yes, she’s only 26) showed up with Saudi film producer Mohammed Al Turki, who was executive producer on “Arbitrage.” Random, indeed.  Aside from the random let’s examine this photo though.  Bottom line is that Lohan still has the goods.

When she’s upping the weight a bit she’s damned sexy.   The problem as Toofab points out is the lips.  Is there any surgery that can make them “normal?”  I mean why the hell inject them in the first place?  It makes zero sense to me.  I hope she parties like crazy in the NYC club scene and we have a new story tomorrow.

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