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Is Lindsay Lohan Looking to Make a Comeback?


Lindsay Lohan has experienced her fair share of struggle. She’s a child star that grew up in the limelight, and that’s often just the beginning of trouble for young stars. Many child stars grow up just fine, and many grow up with problems that are just too complex for many to understand. Lohan is absolutely part of the latter. Her life since The Parent Trap and Mean Girls has been nothing but turmoil and trouble on a regular basis, but the former child star might be making a comeback for the better.

The star was in Italy recently to accept an award called the Ischia Comeback Award for her participation in play Speed The Plow. During her acceptance speech, the star was moved to tears by her own words.

“Thank you, from someone so amazing as you are, and being a friend to me, and someone who I aspire to work with and that I’m lucky to have in life. So I appreciate that, I really do. Thank you for having me. Thank you, Pasquale. Five years for this I was in Capri with you, and a lot has happened since then, which I know you know, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. It’s really lovely to be in a position like this and go through certain things in life that bring you back to a place where you can then just speed into the plows of the new depths of your life. I just wanna give my life my all, and I just wanna wish everyone the best. Thank you and God bless,” she stated in her speech.

It seems the starlet is looking to make a change for the positive in her life. She’s been in the news for her troublesome antics a lot less frequently as of late, which could be a sign that Lohan’s comeback is happening right before our very eyes.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Wet Republic)

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