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Lindsay Lohan Will Never Stop Partying

Just hours after dodging a serious bullet in her NYC nightclub assault case, Lindsay Lohan continued her London party spree last night hitting up the swanky Rose Club until the wee hours of the morning.  As already reported, Lindsay lucked out big time yesterday when prosecutors opted to delay proceedings for the nightclub fight Lindsay got into back in November in the Big Apple when she allegedly punched a fortune teller in the face.

As Lohan’s legal troubles are unfolding before our eyes, she’s taken stage in Europe either not caring or realizing she’s got some jail time ahead of her.  Personally I think it’s the former.   I mean just last Friday she was out until 5am in London.  So what in the world are we to think here?

Like I said a while back.  Jail will serve Lohan some good.  And I’m not talking about a day in jail.  I’m talking about a year or more here.

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