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Lindsay Lohan’s Explanation As to Why She Missed Filming Schedules

Lindsay Lohan Court Appearance

We’re really not sure what to make of Lindsay Lohan these days. Her reality show on Oprah’s OWN television network is failing, she’s admitted a relapse, perhaps she’ll do or say anything to stay in the limelight and keep some coin coming into purse….. or maybe she’ll just get real.

In a shocking revelation from her own docu-series, Lohan admitted why she refused to come out of her room for scheduled television shoots. The real reason why she didn’t make herself available was shocking to say the least:

“When the camera’s on, I’m ‘on. If I know I’m not capable of being ‘on,’ that’s why I would say, ‘I couldn’t film today. No one knows this, I had a miscarriage those two weeks that I took off.”

During the interview director Amy Rice is shocked to hear the news and apologizes upon hearing the news. Lohan went on to discuss how she felt watching herself and filming. She described the feeling as sick and admitted that the person she was viewing (herself) needed someone to help her. She also admitted that no one knew what was going on in her head on a daily basis and she could never shut off her mind.

A startling revelation from Lohan. She didn’t get into who the father was, but that’s an irrelevant point. Lohan has brought a lot of trouble on to herself, but this is truly sad. We’re still holding out hope Lohan can turn her life into something positive.

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