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Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show Gets Poor Ratings During Debut

Truth is, we were all wondering how this was going to play out. If Lindsay Lohan’s reality show was going to do well, or do poorly. We knew there would be no middle of the road, and so far, it looks like the show is off to a less than stellar start, ratings wise. The thing is, there could be so many things that factor into those less than stellar ratings. Maybe people are burnt out on hearing about the Lohan, who has managed to keep her name in the public eye, even though she hasn’t been working much. Or maybe people are just tired of giving attention to all the “bad kids” in Hollywood.

The show premiered with 693,000 viewers, which is less than her interview with Oprah brought in, and well under the millions she was hoping for. Let us not forget, Oprah gave the troubled actress two million dollars for this show, so big things were expected. The reality is, it may be safe to assume the world is a bit burnt out on the antics of spoiled Hollywood. We give these kids enough attention, they all turn out like Bieber. So maybe it is best we turn out back for a bit. Let the tree fall in the woods when no one is around and then let’s see if it makes a sound.

Keep in mind, the show is still early in its life, and it would foolish for us to assume we can tell the direction it will go, ratings wise. Maybe it will get some hype and turn around, bringing in more viewers. Or maybe, just maybe, people will realize they are all set with the train wrecks and just want to focus their attention on those truly worthy of it.

Just a thought. So what did you think of Lindsay Lohan’s reality show?

Photo by Joe Klamer-Pool/Getty Images

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