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Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show is Hurting Her?

So do you kids watch Lindsay Lohan’s reality show? What are your thoughts on it? My thoughts are pretty specific. It makes me feel bad for her. It makes me shrug and feel uncomfortable. Why, because it shows her weeping and not getting jobs and talking about how bad she feels for herself, and that casts her in a different light than the larger than life star we thought she was. Thing is, Lindsay Lohan’s reality show is hurting her chances at a comeback, or so says the star herself. What do you think?

Having watched Lindsay Lohan’s reality show, I can see that. But I need to add a but to all this. That is the price you pay for taking two million in cash and allowing there to be a show that follows you around and shows you failing as you try to build your name again. Perhaps if she hadn’t agreed to the show and the (insane) amount of money, she would just be scaling the walls of fame again. But when we’re watching her fall off the wagon and then proceed to blame everyone around her but not hold any of that blame on herself, it makes sense to us why people would not be rushing to work with her again.

Plus, rather than it being the show’s fault, how about she allow her past to take some of the blame? She was known for showing up late, being tough to work with, partying, and doing drugs. That is not a reputation that will just vanish. She needs to prove to the world she is no longer that person, and the show sure isn’t helping.

Well, maybe next time she will say no the two million dollar deal and will take the time to fix her life and image first.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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