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Lindsey Vonn Will Not be Competing in Sochi Olympics

US skiers Lindsey Vonn celebrates after

The best part about Winter Olympics is getting all pumped up to see your favorite athletes tear it up in their Representative sport. Well, very bad news for fans of Londsey Vonn. Seems the legendary Alpine skier managed to hurt her leg, and in that moment, ensured she would not be partaking in the events with everyone else. Sadly, makes us a little less excited about the Olympics. This is like the Winter Olympics version of finding out Michael Phelps isn’t swimming.

USA TODAY has all the details, but we skimmed it and can tell you the good stuff. Wait. We already did. Lindsey Vonn injured her Anterior Cruciate and the end results are pretty serious. So serious, in fact, there is nothing she can do to compete in the Sochi Olympics. As A fan of Lindsey Vonn, we are sad. But take a moment to put yourself in her ski-boots. The moment she has been waiting for her whole life. If you think it is frustrating for us, imagine being her. Imagining be the best at what you do and not being able to share that with anyone in the one place all the world is expecting it? It may stink for us, but all our sympathies go out to her.

We hope Lindsey Vonn gets a quick recovery and is right back on those mountains, doing what she loves best.

(Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

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