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Louie Returns to FX After Long Hiatus

Louis C. K is the man, and Louie is one of the best shows on TV, hands down. The man himself is about as honest and brilliant as a comedian can get. Think George Carlin crossed with Jerry Seinfeld with an edge and you have a pretty good idea of what he does and why he does it so well. Good news for fans of the ginger comic (yes, I just called him that), as Louie is back and ready for a (probably brilliant) season four.

So what can we expect of season four from Louie? Well, some things on the show are constant. They will mostly be one-off episodes. Meaning, you can jump on and watch any episode without having needed to see the prior. That style of TV is great for those of us who have lives and may miss a week here and there. The show Louie is also awesome because Louie has no problem making himself look bad. The point of the show sometimes is for him to make the audience uncomfortable. His humor is not always direct and in your face. He is one of those people who knows that an uncomfortable moment can be darn funny, too. Just uncomfortably funny. Alas, that’s what life is. And it seems Louie has its finger on the very pulse of life right now.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

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