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Lupita Nyong’O is the New Face of Lancome

One thing I would think it is safe to assume all people think when they cast their gaze on actress Lupita Nyong’O is just how stunning she is. She has skin that absolutely radiates. Eyes that glow, and a glorious smile that lights up the room. Though it was quite difficult to pick up on that while watching the remarkable actress in Twelve Years A Slave for just how heavy the film was, it is clear to us now just how much she shines, and apparently Lancome knows it as well as they just took the actress on board as their new spokesperson.

It is hard to deny just how swept up the country has become with Lupita Nyong’O since the actress won an Oscar for her role in the amazing Twelve Years A Slave. On top of that, you see her in interviews and such, and she just seems like the most humble, gracious, down-to-Earth woman in the world, which only makes us realize she deserves all this even more. Plus, to parlay a role like that into a modeling gig is also nothing short of remarkable. A gut wrenching performance that has proven itself to open many doors for her. That is just the kind of success story we really love.

Look for the ads starring Lupita Nyong’O starting this Summer. It is also safe to assume this is only the beginning for this powerful and undeniable actress.

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

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