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Magazine Issues an Apology to Jennifer Lawrence for False Report

When you’re an Oscar winner, then nominated for another Oscar, and also as young as Jennifer Lawrence (23) you’re bound to get a fair amount of attention. But recently some reports about the actress have been false. Everyone has been focused on Lawrence’s relationship with Nicholas Hoult. The two seem quite happy but contrary to reports, they are not engaged. Just because they showed a little PDA and walked hand in hand doesn’t mean they’re walking down the aisle anytime soon.

In case you’re wondering it was OK! Magazine that pasted Lawrence on their cover with the headline “Jennifer Lawrence Engaged!” The magazine claimed that Hoult popped the question over the holiday. Now the magazine is retracting that statement. They claimed that Hoult was with Lawrence on Christmas Eve in Kentucky with JLaw’s family.

Turns out that Hoult was in his native England at the time. And if you’re gonna propose to Jennifer Lawrence you don’t do it by phone!

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