Maria Bello Comes Out to the New York Times

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You know, this is a pretty great story. You may think a celebrity coming out is nothing remarkable in this day and age, and you would be right. The thing is, Marie Bello came out in a recent interview to the New York Times, and told a story quite unlike any we had heard before. This is not an actress who intends to put labels on love. She just tells us how love found her, and it opened her eyes to what love could mean.

USA TODAY has the details, but we can tell you the short version. The actress never thought of herself as gay, but realized that all the relationships she had with men ended rocky, and it dawned on her that the person who was most attracted to, most liked spending time, and was her very best friend, just happened to be a woman. It scared her at first, but it slowly dawned on her that both she and this woman had  a huge connection, and it seems she was right, as they have been together ever since.

I think the aspect I like most about her story is she puts no labels on her love or herself. She simply let herself listen to her heart, and didn’t let societal norms scare her away from that. The end result? She is the happiest she’s ever been.

Good for you, Maria Bello. Love is not about gender. Love is about love.

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