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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Big Screen Reunion Rumors Swirling

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It’s been quite some time since buddies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon appeared in a movie together. The duo, most recognized by their performances in ‘Good Will Hunting’, might be headed back to the silver screen to make some magic. Page Six has reported that Harvey Weinstein is courting Affleck and Damon for his new movie ‘A Speck in the Sea’.

The movie is to be adapted from a story written by Paul Tough for the New York Times Magazine. Last week, it was reported that the film’s rights have been purchased by The Weinstein Company. The film will portray the harrowing and true story of lobsterman John Aldridge. Aldridge fell overboard and was forced to use his rubber boots as a floatation device for 12-hours.

Right now, the story sounds kind of weak, but if Weinstein, Affleck, and Damon are tied to the story you know the movie is going to he halfway decent. We will keep you posted on any developments for the film, but right now all reports are indicating that Affleck and Damon could reunite for the film.

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