Matt Roloff: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Matt Roloff

If you have never seen the show, Little People Big World, you are missing out. The show follows a family and three of the family members are little people. The show gives the public a first-hand view of the struggles and successes of being a little person. This show is one of TLC’s most popular shows. In fall 2016, the series’ 10th season began airing. One of the stars of the show is Matthew Roloff. He is the husband and the father on the show. While this show is what has made Matthew famous, today, he is much more than just a reality television star. If you don’t know much about Matthew, but would like to, continue reading.

Matthew Roloff’s Early Life

Matthew was born in San Francisco on October 7, 1961. Matt has a type of dwarfism called dystrophic dysplasia. Being a little person means that you are prone to a variety of health issues. Because of this, Matt had to have 15 operations when he was still a child. According to Matt, other than the surgeries he had growing up, he had a very happy childhood. His parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff are both average size people and they had three children. Matt’s brother, Sam has the same type of dwarfism at Matthew, and in order for him to be able to walk, he needs to use crutches. Matt had another brother as well. His name was Josh. He was born with heart problems, and in 1999 he passed away. He was only 34 years old.

Matthew’s Family

In 1987, Matthew went to a Little People of America convention. These are events that allow little people to meet other little people. That is what happened with Matthew and his wife Amy. The couple wasn’t even dating for a year yet when Matt asked Amy to marry him. On September 12, 1987, the pair got married. Amy is a little person as well, however, she has a different type. Her type of dwarfism is known as achondroplasia. Over the next few years, the couple started their family. Their first two children were born in 1990. They had a set of fraternal twins named Zachary and Jeremy. Zachary is the only one of their children who is a little person. He has the same type of dwarfism as Amy. In 1993 they had a daughter who they named Molly and in 1997 they had a son who they named Jacob. They have always been a very tight knit family, which you can see if you have ever watched the show.

Matt and Amy’s Divorce

Most people believed that Matt and Amy had the happiest of marriages. Unfortunately, in March 2014, the couple announced that they were going to be separating. Most people believed that the couple would reconcile and move back in together. On June 5, 2015, the announced that they were going to be getting a divorce. While the couple never publicly announced the reason for their divorce, there have been a few rumors. There was one rumor that infidelity led to the divorce. Another rumor, which came from Matthew himself in his book, was that he just couldn’t completely commit to his relationship. For now, however, the only people who know the reason for the divorce is the family.

Matthew and His Family Own a Farm

In 1990, Matt and his family bought a farmhouse in Helvetia, Oregon. They bought the house for a very low price, even though it was on 34 acres of land. The reason that house was so inexpensive is because it needed a lot of work. Matt looked forward to the challenge of making it his dream home. After fixing up the home, Matt added a variety of extras outside. The home has a soccer field for the kids to play on as well as a volleyball court. He built a treehouse in the backyard for the kids, and it is three stories high. He even put a pirate ship in the middle of a lake on the property. When the farmhouse next door went up for sale, Matthew purchased it for the 80 acres of land that it sat on. He wanted to expand his farm and he began growing pumpkins. The farm is so fascinating that over 30,000 people visit it each year, usually during pumpkin season.

Matthew Was an Extra in Films When He Was Younger

When Matthew was young, he caught the acting bug. The first movie that he played in was called Under the Rainbow. In the film, he played a munchkin. He also appeared in a made for TV movie called Ewoks: The Fight for Endor. In that film, he played an Ewok.

Matt is a Computer Genius

Matt has always been great with computers. During the late 1980’s, he worked for several computer companies in Silicon Valley. He had his own business on the side where he was selling computer software that he created to a umber of Fortune 500 companies.

Matt is a Published Author

Matt has used his fame to write and publish two books and they were both on the best seller list. The first book was written with the help of a ghostwriter. The second book was written solely by Matt. Both of his books are about the trials and tribulations of being a little person. The are also about family and love.

Matt is a Motivational Speaker

Matt is often hired to give motivational speeches at corporate events. Many big companies invite him to speak and tell his stories of how he overcomes the odds against him.

Matt Has Been a Guest Star on Several Television Shows

Matt’s celebrity has gained him the opportunity to guest star on a variety of daytime and late night talk shows. He was even asked to be a guest host on the morning show, Live With Regis and Kelly.

Legal Troubles

Matt has had a few legal troubles in the past. He was arrested for DUI twice, one in 2003 and then again in 2007. After the 2003 arrest, Matthew attended alcohol abuse classes and the charges were dropped. After the 2007 arrest, Matthew plead not guilty. According to Matthew, he wasn’t at the bar that he was pulled over near. He was simply dropping off a friend. He claimed that he was in the middle of the road because he was driving his wife’s car, which had pedal extensions fitted for her, not for him. In the end, he was found not guilty.

Regardless of his marriage and legal problems, Matt is still a very respected person. Little People Big World is still being shown on TLC and it remains one of the network’s most popular shows.

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