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Matthew McConaughey Saves a Baby Seal

If there is one actor alive who seems “most likely to save a baby seal” it is Matthew McConaughey. So for me to report that this actually happened seems kind redundant. Like, of course he did. Heck, I bet if we could go back through his history of saving animals, his life would be filled with seal saving moments. He just seems like that kind of dude.

Truth is, the story is not as epic as the title seems. He was on the beach on Malibu when he was saw some kid poking a baby seal with sticks. The seal was simply sunning itself, and McConaughey would have nothing to do with that. So the actor ran over and proceeded to tell the kids why poking seals with sticks is a bad thing. The kids got bored and ran off, and that is the end of the story. He didn’t pull it from the jaws of a shark. He didn’t fist fight some seal clubber on some rocking piece of ice floating down a Scandinavian river. No, he stopped some kids from poking a seal. Not poaching, poking.

So, in essence, he pretty much did what anyone else in the situation would have done. He yelled at some annoying kids. That makes for a lame headline, though. Let’s just pretend those sticks were REALLY sharp, okay?

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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