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Melissa Rycroft Thanks Juan Pablo for his Controversy on The Bachelor

Well, it seems the wild ride that was The Bachelor this season has finally ended. Or has it? It seems every day a little more is coming out about the tumultuous relationships many had with the show’s star, Juan Pablo. We have heard some awful things about the guy in the last few weeks, and judging from his actions, who can blame those outraged? Thing is, one former Bachelor star is stepping forward and doing something some might find the most shocking of all. Melissa Rycroft thanks Juan Pablo for all the stuff he pulled. Seems insane, right? Well, keep reading.

Melissa Rycroft thanks Juan Pablo because him being so controversial and bringing all the bad press she says brought some of the attention of her and all the drama that went on during her season. Basically, he made the most current season look so bad, no one is remembering the issues of the former season. Seems odd, right? Well, even Melissa Rycroft has some ulterior motives with this one. You see, she just started a new line of maternity wear, and she knows by name dropping someone who is in the press right now will bring her some attention. The articles start off with her bad talking Juan Pablo, and ends with her plugging her new line of “form fitting wear for the pregnant women.”

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