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Michael Jackson Hologram Gets a Lot of Buzz at the Billboard Music Awards

Come on. After the Tupac thing from a few years ago, we were expecting this, right? Well, I can openly admit I was. Especially with the new release of some Michael Jackson music we had never heard before. What am I speaking of? Why, the ghost of Michael Jackson haunting the Billboard Music Awards. I meant to say hologram. Sorry.

So as many of you know by now, there was a Michael Jackson hologram last night at the Billboard Music Awards. He came out and did his new song Slave to the Rhythm. I know I am supposed to be the voice of reason here, but am I the only person who finds this all a bit morbid? To have someone who has passed on singing and dancing (and ultimately helping to sell records he will make none of the money from) is just a bit odd to me. I know it was cool for everyone there to experience Michael Jackson “live”, but the thing is, it is not MJ live. It is purely the magic of technology.

I mean, you know it is huge when everyone is talking about it afterwards, but still. We have done this to Tupac and Michael Jackson now. Heck, there is even a Dove commercial with Audrey Hepburn eating chocolate even though she has been dead for years. I guess what I am asking is, when do we just leave them alone and let them rest in peace?

Either way, a hologram of Michael Jackson danced around at the Billboard Awards, and it made everyone happy (and some people uneasy). The End.

(Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

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