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Michael Jackson Song from 1983 is Released

For a moment, I want you all to forget about any bad press the surrounded Michael Jackson before his time of death. I want you to flashback to the 80’s, when anything the man made turned into gold. Seems a song Michael had recorded way back then is finally seeing the light of day this week. The best part of it all is, besides being a bit overproduced, the song sounds like classic Michael Jackson. The stuff most of us grew up on and loved.

The song is called Love Never Felt So Good, and was recorded by Michael Jackson with Paul Anka producing. Sadly, the version we got is a modernized version. That is why I believe all the production sounds so loud and shiny. Shame, too, as it all almost overshadows Michael Jackson’s vocal performance. The song has a laid back vibe, carried solely by the larger than life vocals of Mr. Jackson himself. CNN has the song posted if you want to give it a whirl. It is nice to hear the King of Pop again. Remember, he earned that name for a reason.

Yes, there may have been some odd rumors surrounding him near the end, but we all forget that this is what Michael Jackson did best. He made pop music. Straight up, enjoyable pop music. At the end of the day, that is just what Love Never Felt So Good is. An aural memory of one of the best pop stars of all time, back when he was at his prime. I say the fact that we just got a new MJ song to be pretty awesome. May have had a weird personal life, but man, the dude could make music like no other.

(Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images)

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