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Michael Lohan Threatens Legal Action against Dina Lohan

As if there weren’t enough drama with Lindsay Lohan, now her parents are trying to get into the mix?  I mean come on.  Michael Lohan is threatening ex-wife Dina Lohan to either stop accusing him of rape, or face his legal wrath. Michael’s attorney just sent a cease-and-desist letter to Dina following a recent interview in which Dina claimed Michael raped her during a coke binge in 1990.

In the letter, Michael’s attorney calls Dina’s allegations “false, defamatory, and unlawful.”  Apparently Dina has also been harassing Michael of late.   Honestly what else can you say about this family?  That Ashley Lohan hasn’t somehow jumped off a cliff or been found passed out in a bar by now is a complete mystery to me.  Then again, we’ve still got time with Ashley.

Maybe the whole family should be in jail together.

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