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Michael Strahan to Join Good Morning America Part Time

Doing a career jump is never an easy thing. To be well known and respected for one thing, then to switch up everyone’s perspective of what you can do can really throw off someone’s career. You wouldn’t know that looking at Michael Strahan, though. This guy somehow transitioned from football player to TV host with ease. He sort of makes it look like anyone can do it, but make no mistakes. That is not an easy thing to pull off. First, he was part of Live with Kelly and Michael, and now it seems Michael Strahan will join Good Morning America. I will admit, I did not see this coming.

First of all, if you are a fan of him on his regular gig, Live with Kelly and Michael, don’t worry, he is still doing that. Michael Strahan may be joining Good Morning America, but you need to look at the fine print. He will only be joining the show part time for now.

This news comes close on the heels of the fact that Good Morning America has lost two big males this year to competing companies, so some new blood on the show might just be what the doctor ordered to keep it fresh and keep the energy on the show youthful and contagious, which is always a good recipe for a morning show.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Usher’s New Look Foundation)

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