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Mike Epps and his Posse have a Showdown at Tru Nightclub

Someone fired a gun inside a Hollywood nightclub during a showdown between Mike Epps posse and other clubbers — this according to law enforcement sources. Cops rushed to Tru nightclub just after midnight, responding to a call that a shot was fired inside the club, where the “Next Friday” actor was celebrating his birthday.

According to law enforcement sources, a fight had broken out between Epps’ camp and other clubgoers when someone pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot. Apparently everyone in the club ran for the doors, including Epps, who then fled the scene. No one was seriously injured … but two women who were inside the club say they were trampled by panicked clubbers who raced for the exits.

I mean I understand rappers having all kinds of rivalries and what not but actors?  I mean how “hard” is Epps anyway?  Well, I don’t really know how to respond to all of this but I do know something awesome about Epps.  Thankfully no one was hurt.

See footage of Mike arriving to the party here

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