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Mila Kunis is Expecting a Baby with Ashton Kutcher

I will give Ashton Kutcher some credit. He handled his split from Demi and his eventual ease into his relationship with Mila Kunis with grace and respect. He waited until his divorce was final before showing her off, and took some time to get the public’s okay before dropping the most recent bomb on us. Mile Kunis is expecting! Yup, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are having a baby. Safe to say it will have a weird name. Come on, you know I am right.

Here is the strange part. The couple themselves have made no official announcement,  nor have either of their press representatives. Is it just me, or is it weird we know this if they haven’t told us? I mean, I can understand that, if she is pregnant, she is pregnant, and I know sites have been speculating about this for a long time now. But seriously, how can any of us announce this news officially when we are not sure if they will or not? Yes, Mila Kunis is expecting, but not sure if she is expecting all this press and hype. Truth is, that is the small fee you pay being famous. Nothing is secret anymore.

This is the young couple’s first child together, and though Ashton dealt with Demi’s kids, this is his first actual child of his own.  I also want to start a “name pool” right now where we all gamble on what the baby’s name will be. I am putting 50 on the fact that the kid will be named after a vegetable or fruit. That seems really big lately. Carrot Kutcher, maybe?

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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