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Miley Cyrus Cancels Concert an Hour Before Start Time

So imagine this for a second. You are at a Miley Cyrus show, and the audience is stuffed. You got there a little early to avoid too much mayhem. The place is slowly filling up, and the energy is great. Suddenly, someone takes the stage and everyone starts yelling. A bit prematurely, though, as they find out it is her manager letting everyone know she is not feeling well and the show is canceled. How would that make you feel? Well, it happened. Miley Cyrus cancels a show only an HOUR before taking stage in Charlotte.

The rumor is that Miley Cyrus canceled because she had gotten hit with a fly bug. We know many people who have gotten ill over the last couple months because of a bad stomach flu, so that part is understandable. We are simply speaking from the standpoint of the people who already showed and were ready to rock. You are telling me Miley Cyrus had NO hint she was sick before she canceled the show? An hour is really not much time to let people know and warn them. Granted, we have all gotten sick last minute with no warning before, so if that is the case, we feel bad for her and her fans.

I say cut her a little slack. We all have last minute sick days from work. The only reason hers makes the news is because there was a stadium full of people waiting for her at her job. All ticket holders will be refunded, so better luck next time, people.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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