Miley Cyrus is MTV’s Best Artist of 2013

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We all knew Miley Cyrus had a banner year. Granted, it was a banner we would not have flown ourselves, but she seemed to be flying it with pride, and seemed to get a lot of attention for it. So much so, that MTV has decided to award Miley Cyrus Best Artist of 2013. No, really. We are not making this up and this page was not hacked by one of Cyrus’ people. This is 100% true. Also, this stands as proof that we are getting old, because this makes no sense to us.

Well, truthfully, a little.

I mean, Miley Cyrus was all over MTV, all over the web, all over magazines. In that sense, we can understand why MTV would name her Artist of the Year. But here is the kicker. The word artist. I mean, how about performer of the year? Or pop star of the year? Naming her Artist of the Year seems to imply that what she does is art, and I think a great many people would take issue with that.

That being said, only a fool would not have noticed the power Miley Cyrus had over the pop world in 2013, so in that area alone, we can understand MTV choosing to call her Artist of the Year. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean we agree with it. Just saying.

More on this story over at, of all places, CNN.

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

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