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Miley Cyrus Kindly Turns down a Prom Invitation from Matt Peterson

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18-year old Arizona teenager Matt Peterson aimed high when envisioning his senior prom date. Peterson recently posted a viral video of himself inviting none other than Miley Cyrus to his high school prom. Peterson, wearing a “Team Miley” t-shirt, spoke from the heart about his love for his idol.

“Miley, I have been a fan of yours from the beginning,” Peterson wrote in the message posted under his YouTube video, which he uploaded on Jan. 31. “You’ve changed my life, and I want to repay you by giving you the best night of your life. In order to do that, allow me to take you to my Prom on May 3, 2014.”

Peterson begins the video by explaining how he and Cyrus have a history. In 2009, the then-Disney star handpicked Peterson from an AZ concert crowd, inviting him to meet her during a radio taping. Peterson instantly began crying when meeting Cyrus, a clip Peterson shows at the beginning of his viral video.  Another part of the video shows how, six months following their meeting, Cyrus called out to Peterson during one of her concerts. This resulted in another adorably hysterical moment for Peterson.

Peterson then states, “As you can see, we’ve have some great memories together, but I’m ready to make some more” and, after snapping his fingers, he invites her to prom while totally undressed except for a giant foam finger across his front and a bouquet of roses he’s holding. The video currently has over 506,000 views.  You can view it here. (it’s a little risque for our taste!)

Despite their history, the superstar recording artist declined Peterson’s invitation on Saturday, Feb. 8, but she could not have done so more kindly. “Dear Matt Peterson, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to prom, BUT why don’t you come to my AZ show & hang w me? Don’t forget a corsage,” Cyrus tweeted and sent to her over 17 million followers. The “Adore You” and “Wrecking Ball” singer is scheduled to be in Amsterdam the night of the prom. Her Bangerz tour begins Sunday, Feb. 16, kicking things off with a show in Tacoma, WA.

In addition to gearing up for her impending tour, she is also the cover star of the latest issues of W Magazine and Vogue Germany.  

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