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Miley Cyrus Spotted Using Teleprompters During Concerts

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Listen, here is the thing about being a pop star. Yes, you will get fame and attention and all those other things you like and want, but you will also be watched closer for mistakes than others. You want proof of this just look at all the pop celebrities who have been called out for lip syncing and such. Now people are in an uproar because Miley Cyrus was spotted using teleprompters during concerts. People actually seem angry about this, but come on. It’s pop music, and in terms of that, reading your own lyrics is not that bad of a thing.

So in case you haven’t heard and I did not make it clear enough above, Miley Cyrus spotted using teleprompters during her concert means she was reading her own lyrics. All I have to say is, this is pop music. What did you expect? At least she wasn’t lip syncing or singing someone else’s vocals. The girl has proven she has a great voice, so it seems like people are just looking for ways to discredit her. Thing is, why? Isn’t there more important stuff to worry about?  I know, her show is expensive and people want the best show they can get, but guess what? She also has been putting on some diesel live shows, too. It is like people are just watching her like a hawk, calling out every move because they have nothing better to do.

The way I see it, reading your own lyrics off a screen so you don’t mess up the songs people came to hear is a pretty cool way to actually ensure you are giving the best show you can to your fans. Honestly, people need to chill out. She has already made it clear she can’t stop, so to stand in her way would be your mistake, not hers.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


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