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Miley Cyrus Talks about her Scary Hospital Stay

Have you ever had an unplanned hospital stay? They are, in a very fitting word, scary. One minute all is well, and the next minute you are hooked up to machines, unsure of your own fate. That is just what happened to Miley Cyrus in the last few weeks, and she is finally a able to talk to the press about the experience. The word she used? Scary.

As many of you know, Miley Cyrus had a reaction to some medicine she was on and was hospitalized for it. They claimed she would be in the hospital for 27 days, but was only let out after two weeks. Which, in itself is odd because the hospital specifically told press the reaction she was having to her meds would keep her toxic for 27 days and she needed to be closely monitored in that time, yet she is out. It is almost as if she went in for something else, something more serious perhaps, and is covering it up.  But that’s just speculation.

So as I was saying, the singer told Ryan Seacrest it was scary, and she cried from boredom. She also told him she did a great deal of online shopping and made some very questionable choices. Oh, that Miley Cyrus. Always saying or doing something kooky. Her Bangerz tour will start up again and welcome home, Miley!

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV)

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