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Miranda Lambert Scores Big With Fifth Album Platinum

There has been a huge shift in popularity and the public’s acceptance of country music into the mainstream over the last five years. One of the people helping to the lead that change is Miranda Lambert. Making country music that walks on that line between pop music and old school country, her sound appeals to every kind of listener. Her most recent album, Platinum, is no different. It may be called Platinum, and we bet it is only a matter of time before the album GOES platinum.

Time Magazine dropped a review, and they cannot stop singing Miranda Lambert’s praises. The actual word they used in the review was sass. Apparently, this album is seeping with sass. Known for her smoky vocals, Lambert apparently takes it up a few notches and leaves her fans in awe. There is a track called Smoking and Drinking, and though the name sounds way more like an Eminem song, it is a bittersweet and contemplative track from the well versed song bird.

Pair that up with the guest stars she has appearing on the album (Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town)  and you have a must-own for any fan of Miranda Lambert and her sweet, country sound. Heck, even if you feel like country is not your cup of tea, seems like a flavor you might want to learn to love, as it plans on sticking around for a long time. This is as great a jump on point as anything.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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