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Mo Isom Says that Lauren Silberman Set Women Back

Lauren Silberman, the female kicker who failed spectacularly at her NFL tryout this weekend, set women back years, so claims an up-and-coming female football star who is very, very angry. Mo Isom (left) is an LSU student who could become the second female major college football player ever says she’s shocked at Lauren’s “lack of preparedness, training, skill and ability.”

Mo went on to say, “I trained for YEARS to kick a 53-yard field goal. To assume just because you’re a soccer player means that you can kick a football is VERY off base.” Mo thinks that skeptics now have a sense of vindication and that Lauren proved that the NFL should be for men only.

If you’ll recall, Silberman’s kicks were not exactly impressive. 19 and 13 yards respectively. We can totally understand where Mo is coming from. Maybe Mo should get a shot at one of the combines. Put your money where your mouth is Mo!

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