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The Name Michael Sam is Going to be Coming up A Lot


Alright guys, you are in the middle of a revolution, though you may not know it. You are a part of a world that is getting more and more tolerable to people with differences. A world that is becoming more and more accepting by the day. If you want living proof of this, look no further than Michael Sam: The future NFL prospect who is also openly gay. Even with our growing maturity in our society, that cannot be an easy thing to decide to tell people when you plan on being a professional athlete. Either way, learn the name Michael Sam, as many people will be uttering it in the next few months.

So how would you handle it if you were a homosexual and also incredibly talented when it came to football?  Would you be openly gay if you were in the NFL? As you can imagine, this poses many issues for the young player. Will a team be afraid to take him on because of the press that will come with it? Some other players may not be as open about it as most of the world is, which could result in Michael Sam getting harassed and such. Also, what about the fans? Do you think some team that may be eying him is scared of losing fans because of his sexuality? These are all valid questions, and questions that will only be answered over time.

For now, we just want to take a moment to commend Michael Sam. That cannot be an easy thing to be so open about it (especially in that line of work) and we commend him for his honesty and bravery. How a man lives and loves after a game has nothing to do with how well he plays, and hopefully the world will slowly realize this.

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