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New Reports Surface on Car Crash Involving Paul Walker

I think the world is still reeling from Paul Walker’s tragic and unexpected death. The car crash involving Paul Walker was brutal and unexpected by all. After the accident, there were many theories. Some say something happened with the car. Others seem to think that maybe drinking or drugs were involved. The reality is, new details have emerged about the accident, and pretty much what we all expected was right.

It seems the one factor to the blame on the car crash involving Paul Walker was speed. It is said that he and his buddy were going upwards of 95 M.P.H when they went around a corner, lost control, and careened into a telephone pole. They were then trapped inside as the car burned. It was sad, tragic, but now we do know for a fact, ultimately avoidable. While the way he died was awful and something you would wish on any living soul, we hope this acts as a major deterrent to all the kids who go see those Fast and Furious movies and think that would be a cool way to live. No, speeding around is not a cool way to live. It is a surefire way to die.

Regardless, this does not lessen the level of tragedy involved here. This was a huge loss, and one that will be felt for a very long time. Makes us even sadder to know they probably could have avoided that fate had they just slowed down a bit. So remember that next time you are on the highway going 90. Those things don’t often have happy endings.

(Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images)

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