New Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Receiving Lots of Attention

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Well, one woman’s life is about to change forever. Her name is Gal Gadot, and you may want to get familiar with her now. Why? Because it seems she is set to play the new Wonder Woman in the Batman/Superman movie. This is also huge because she is the first woman truly representing Wonder Woman on the big screen. Sorry guys, but I am a nerd, and I am very happy about this news.

So looks like former Miss Isreal, Gal Gadot, will be the new Wonder Woman. She looks quite a bit like Natalie Portman (not a complaint, trust me) and the rumor is that she has some skills already amassed when it comes to kicking butt. People have five interesting things about the star, but we can tell you the long and the short.

Gal Gadot can shoot guns, and ride motorcycles, she’s a Mom, and she was friends with Paul Walker from working on The Fast and the Furious movies with him. We already told you about the Miss Isreal thing, so you are ahead of the game.

Personally, I think Gal Gadot sounds like a perfect fit for the new Wonder Woman. What do you guys think? Take to the comments and let us know who you would have cast in the role.

(Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

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