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Nicki Minaj is in the Middle of a $30 Million Wig Lawsuit

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Nicki Minaj is in the Middle of a $30 Million Wig Lawsuit. Try and wrap your brain around that. Realistically, you, me, and everyone we know will never know anything close to that amount of money. I, for one, can barely pay my bills. But here we have the ever interesting Nicki Minaj dealing with a 30 million dollar lawsuit involving wigs. Wigs! That is the kind of thing I just cannot relate to, no matter how hard I try. Makes for an interesting story, though. Basically, Minaj is being sued by a wig maker. Yeah, it only gets more surreal from there.

Terrence Davidson is suing Nicki Minaj, saying she stole some of his wig ideas, and pulled some moves that cost him a shot at a reality show. The long and the short is, Davidson says he was there for the beginning of her career, and designed ALL her wigs. As she got more and more famous, she pushed him out. Yet he swear the wigs you can buy on her site are all designed off of wigs he had made for the artist. The truth is, I don’t know enough about wigs to really give any useful feedback about this. I would think a pink wig is a pink wig, but apparently not.

Reality is, the hair industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so if this guy feels like he got taken for a ride, might as well strike back, right? Again though, to reiterate: Nicki Minaj is in the Middle of a $30 Million Wig Lawsuit. In other words, we are living in The Twilight Zone, people.

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