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Nicky Hilton Engaged to European Banker

Is the second time a charm for hotel heiress Nicky Hilton? The designer and soon-to-be author is newly engaged after her (now) fiancé James Rothschild popped the question over the weekend. The couple has been dating since 2011, and did not announce any dates or time frames after going public with their engagement. Now the big question is; how did he propose?

Rothschild is a banking heir whose primary base is located in London. The heir did some super sleuthing and planned a secret trip to the United States where he asked Hilton’s parents for permission to propose to their daughter. While the elder Hilton’s have not come forward with their answer to Rothschild’s question, it’s probably a safe assumption that they said yes, since he went forward with the proposal.

Fast forward to last week; the couple spent some time in Italy to celebrate their anniversary when they decided to take a boat out on Lake Como. It was on the boat that Rothschild dropped to one knee and Hilton agreed to be his wife.

“Congratulations @NickyHilton on your engagement! I’m so happy for you! You will be the most beautiful bride,” was the tweet Hilton’s sister Paris sent to her earlier this week. This wedding will be the second for the hotel heiress, who was married for three months in 2004. After a quick Vegas wedding to Todd Meister, Hilton quickly filed for an annulment and was granted her wish in less than three months time.

Now that she’s planning her wedding, the designer has a bit more to add to her plate. At the moment, she’s working on the publication of her first book. Style 365 will be released to the public on September 2. The book is about, you got it, style. It’s a guide book for those that desire a bit more style and fashion in their lives.

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