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Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Going Through a $175 Million Divorce?

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Ever wonder if the supermarket tabloids just make these stories up? When you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or at CVS you mine as well close your eyes because the things you’re going to read on the magazine covers are usually always false. Such is the case this week as Star Magazine targeted Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman for their cover.

For those of you who were shocked to see rumors of Urban and Kidman going through a $175 million don’t be because they aren’t. If you happen to open the magazine you’ll find a story about a “strained relationship” with Keith flirting with women around the world. It even goes as far as saying that Kidman and Urban had a blow out fight because of Urban’s flirting with American Idol co-host Jennifer Lopez. Apparently all of the stress and difficult travel schedules is going to ruin their relationship. Don’t worry they’re safe.

The story is absolutely ridiculous and holds no water. While Star has made every effort to cite problems with their relationship including intimacy – it’s all a waste of time. There is no truth to the story, Kidman and Urban are not getting divorced, everything is going along just fine.

We’re looking forward to next week and the new magazine cover!

Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

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