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Nicole Richie Gets Her Own Reality TV Show

Nicole Richie got a new show for VH1 based off of her Twitter feed. The feed is called Candidly Nicole (which we think will be the name of the show, too) and it features the pop culture princess’s take on all things, from pop culture to taboo subjects people normally wouldn’t talk about. It seems they dig her snarky attitude and think it would lend itself well to a TV show.  Richie is no stranger to reality TV as she spent those (forgetful) years filming with Paris Hilton.

The reality is that Nicole Richie has over four million followers on the prestigious social media site, and I think the way AOL media and VH1 see it, if they can pull in half of those to just watch her show, she will be sitting pretty. The fine print is, you never know how a Twitter feed to TV show will work.  Turning 160 character sayings into a full TV show might take some working. Actually, a woman like Nicole Richie could talk for days, and I am pretty sure that is all the show will boil down to.

The ironic thing here is that Nicole Richie lands a TV show deal based off her Twitter feed, and has yet to actually make an announcement about it on her famous feed. Maybe she just doesn’t want to jinx herself this early in the game. In other words, don’t start celebrating until you actually see the show. As for when you will actually see the show, they are still being hush hush about that.

We will keep you posted on the news as it comes.

(Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images)

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