Niecy Nash: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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The lives of popular actors and actresses are just about always interesting to the public. Seeing the personalities and backgrounds of the stars satisfies the curiosity of thousands of fans, and helps provide a better perspective of what it took to achieve such fame.

For many successful performers, breaking into the entertainment industry is incredibly difficult. Further, it can be even more difficult to continue finding acting jobs even after making their way into such a competitive industry. For some actors, however, success seems to be a natural consequence of their personalities. Their energy, charisma, and talent simply carry them from role to role. Of course, it always takes a great work ethic to see such success.

One actress that has seen consistent success throughout her career is Niecy Nash. This American actress is known for her amazing charisma and talent. She is a considerable talent who is particularly known for her comedic abilities. However, many people know her only from her popular roles in Reno 911! and Scream Queens, in which she currently stars. This is unfortunate, as her career and personal life are quite interesting as well. Here are ten of the most interesting facts about the popular and talented Niecy Nash.

10. She knew she wanted to be an actress as a child

For most people, it takes many years to discover a passion and a suitable career. For a lucky few, however, a career path emerges at a very young age. Such was the case for Nash, who knew as a child that acting was her passion. At age 5, she watched Lola Falana perform. This inspired her to become the incredible success of film and television that she is today.

9. She has had two marriages

While one might assume that a highly successful and popular actress would be in a relationship with another star. However, both of Nash’s marriages have been with men who do not spend their lives in the public eye. The first was to a pastor named Don Nash. They enjoyed a 13 year marriage before divorcing in 2007. Her second and current marriage is to Jay Tucker, an engineer. They were married in 2010.

8. She is highly educated

Although acting seems like a talent that some are simply lucky to be born with, the most successful actresses often spend a great deal of time and effort honing this talent. Nash is one such actress, who has combined her talent and work ethic to create a storied career. She holds a BA in Theater from the California State University, Dominguez Hills.

7. She is a successful host

Nash is best known for her hilarious comedic performances in shows and movies. However, she is also a very talented show host. Most notably, she hosted Clean House from 2003 to 2010 on Style Network. This show centered on home makeovers and renovations. Her hosting abilities were so highly acclaimed that she won an Emmy for the role in 2010.

6. Niecy Nash Net Worth

With a distinguished career in film and television, it is no surprise that Nash is financially stable. In fact, her current net worth is estimated to be approximately $4 million. This impressive sum is owed to her successful acting and hosting jobs. With her current role on Scream Queens and after receiving rave reviews for her more serious roles in recent years, one can safely assume that her net worth will only continue to rise.

5. She always makes sure she is presentable

The common assumption when thinking of actors and actresses is that they are constantly pampered and made up for public appearances. With Nash, however, she enjoys taking this responsibility into her own hands. In fact, she has stated that she does her own hair and makeup on every episode of Scream Queens. Her passion for looking great also extends into her personal life. She has a collection of nearly 100 wigs. Further, she has stated that she even wore makeup while giving birth to her son Dominic.

4. She appeared on Dancing With the Stars

Before finding her footing in the acting industry, Nash considered a career as a dancer. While this dream never materialized, her acting career created an opportunity for her to showcase her dance skills. Nash appeared on the tenth season of Dancing With the Stars in 2010. On the show, she was partnered with Louis van Amstel. Her considerable abilities carried her all the way to a fifth place finish on the show.

3. She is an author

Although she is best known for her acting, Nash’s career has also taken her into the realm of writing. She published an ebook called It’s Hard to Fight Naked. This book is a lighthearted and charming guide for successful relationships. She has stated that she wrote the book because she has a passion for helping people.

2. She is a spokesperson for an activist organization

This passion for helping others has also motivated her to play a significant role in an activist organization. She works as the spokesperson for M.A.V.I.S., an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the violence that children face in schools. This organization was founded by Nash’s mother in 1993. Niecy’s younger brother was shot and killed, which motivated her mother to raise awareness of the dangers that children face.

1. She is a talented dramatic actress

While Nash’s career has seen her take on many popular roles in comedies of film and television, she also has considerable talent for more serious roles. Most notably, Nash had a role in the highly acclaimed 2014 drama Selma. In this picture, directed by the esteemed Ana DuVernay, Nash portrayed the civil rights activist and teacher Richie Jean Jackson.

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