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Official Trailer for James Gandolfini’s Last Film is Released

How bittersweet is it that James Gandolfini’s last film just released its first trailer? On one hand, we get to spend more time with this intense and well loved actor, which is a great thing. Yet, in the same breath, while watching it we cannot help but be aware that it is the last new work we will see from the Sopranos alumni. That, in itself, kind of stinks. He has such an enigmatic and enthralling on-screen presence, so to know this is his final run is filling us with so many feels right now.

The film is called The Drop, and the trailer is dropping a bit earlier than was initially expected.  The film features Ton Hardy as a guy who gets mixed up in a scam, with James Gandolofini portraying his boss. Honestly, we know it is type casting, and it probably drove him a little crazy, but no one can do “intimidating thug” like James Gandolfini can. The man just has a looming presence whenever he is on screen, and you feel yourself warning yourself to never mess with him, even though actual life will never place you in any opportunity even close to that.

In other words, James Gandolfini’s last film features him as a scary thug you would not want to mess with. Truth is, that is just how we want to remember him, so in many ways, this seems to be a perfect final note for the beloved actor.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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