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Olympian Shaun White Shows Up to Fan’s Prom in Pennsylvania

So Carly Monzo thought she would take a chance and ask her man crush, Shaun White to her prom in Pennsylvania. She heard nothing back, and thought nothing of it. Flash forward to her at the prom and she gets called on stage, only to realize Shaun White is standing up there with his band. He ends up surprising her, and DOES attend her prom with her. How cool is that?

The rumor is that Shaun White initially thought he would not be able to make it due to other things he had planned, but as the night came, he found himself free and thought to himself: why not? So he crashed her prom, and pretty much gave her what I imagine must have been one of the best nights of her life. Not in a creepy sense, but in the “a celebrity just totally hung out with me” sense. Although you do know what they say about what goes on a prom, right? Everyone dances and has a great time. Jeez, you people need to get your minds out of the gutter.

All kidding aside, it seemed like Carly had an amazing time and a night she will never forget. It also showed us Shaun White seems like a cool, down-to-Earth dude, which is what we suspected of him all along.

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Target)

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